Orlando Business Accountant

Ohab and Company offers comprehensive financial and tax services to help our customers file taxes and handle financial situations with ease. We’re your local Orlando Business Accountant, Orlando Tax Accountant, Orlando CPA and Broker Dealer Audit specialist.

With our years of experience and expertise, we make doing your taxes and managing your business financials easier. We are your resource for the Orlando business accountant you have been searching for. We provide you and your business year-round support that makes doing business easier and ensures your business taxes are filed correctly and efficiently. We are not just for businesses though; our services and support are just what you need to take the pain out of doing your personal taxes, too. Doing your taxes on your own can be daunting and tax software just can’t take the place of an experienced professional. With over 22 years in business, our rapid response times and customized support are just what you need – for any tax need, personal or professional. If you are in need of an Orlando businesses accountant or you need help with your personal taxes, contact Ohab and Company today for a consultation.

Bookkeeping – Allow us to show you how painless bookkeeping can be at Ohab and Company. We’ll record your day-to-day financial transactions and maintain your daybook, complete with sales and purchases, receipts and payments. Finally, when we bring the books to the trial balance stage, one of our accountants can prepare the income statement and balance sheet. A truly innovative all-in-one experience!

Accounting for small businesses – At Ohab and Company, we understand how daunting the task of creating your own business and furthermore, its management can be. Say goodbye to the intimidation and let our professional and organized accounting team take over so you can focus on the other significant matters at hand. Whether it’s financial accounting, management accounting, auditing or tax accounting; we’ll be available to suit your needs.

Broker-dealer audits – The broker dealer industry is incredibly complex – with new rules and regulations emerging regularly. Broker dealers are required to use a firm registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) to conduct their audits. Not only is Ohab and Company registered with PCAOB, but we have over 15 years of experience specializing in broker dealer audits. If you are searching for assistance with Broker dealer audit, Ohab and Company is the right choice. We have in-depth experience and offer cost-efficient and timely audits.   Note that we can act either as the accountant or auditor for your team but we cannot fulfill both roles. If your business is required to complete a broker dealer audit or needs accounting assistance, contact us today for a custom quote.

Payroll services – Being a business owner comes with many responsibilities, including the payment of your loyal employees that are supporting the creation and progression of your dream. We’ll take care of all salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions; all in compliance with standard US regulations. It is crucial that every employee is paid accurately and timely, which is what we will accomplish for you.

New business incorporation and advising – Starting a new business can be confusing and challenging. Don’t get bogged down in the confusion, let Ohab and Company provide you with a custom consultation that will get your business off to the right start. We’ll be with you every step of the way – from selecting the right type of business entity, filing the right documents and minimizing tax liability to helping you incorporate and establish a financial tracking system. Our experts can help you launch your business – be it an LLC, Partnership or Corporation. Contact us today for your consultation.

Quickbooks set-up and support – Our Quickbooks experts can help you establish a Quickbooks system. We will help you set-up the software and train you to use it to organize your financial and tax information. We offer personalized training to ensure that you get the most out of the software’s capabilities. Contact us today to see if Quickbooks is the right financial tracking solution for your business.

Tax planning and preparation – From e-filing to year-round tax planning, Ohab and Company has your tax needs covered. The firm provides strategic tax planning to both individual and business clients. We work with our clients to reduce their tax liability and help them plan for the future. In addition, we ensure that our clients returns are prepared both accurately and efficiently. If you are overwhelmed by your taxes and not sure where to start, call us for a personalized consultation.

Audits of financial statements – Ohab and Company provides financial audits in compliance with the US GAAP. By taking advantage of this service, you’re guaranteed an increase in value and credibility of the financial statement in question. This will in turn reduce investor risk and the cost of capital.

Estate and trust planning – Assets are a very important part of life in a Capitalist society. Planning for the future is always a good choice and in this case it involves the proper management of Estates and Trusts. Both tax entities must appropriately set up in order to function. Trusts are a great way to control how assets are managed and safeguarded after death. Allow us to help you protect the future of you and those you love.

Preparation of financial statements – Allow us the opportunity to arrange the formal recording of your financial activities, whether it be that of a business, person or entity. Any and all relevant information will be listed in detail, including but not limited to a balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flow. Take control of your financial statements with Ohab and Company!

IRS issue resolution – Are you facing penalties or an IRS audit? Do you owe back taxes? Have you been threatened with a lien, levy or wage garnishment? We can assist you with resolving issues with the IRS. We are adept at negotiating solutions for both businesses and individuals who need tax settlement options or audit assistance. Don’t put it off, contact Ohab and Company today to so that we can create your plan to resolve IRS issues.