Jeremiah Jaspon of Jaspon and Armas, P.A.

I was referred to Ohab and Company by a fellow attorney and I have been with them ever since. They are always responsive and right there when I need them. They usually get back to me the same day and help me with whatever I need! We love that our accounting is done right and that there are no surprises at the end of the year when it is tax time.


Jeff Daruszka of Cosmopolitan Title Agency, Inc.

We interview several companies when we were looking for financial services support. We’ve now been working with Ohab for over a decade and we love that they stop what they are doing and help us out when we need it. The way they support our business through handling our payroll, business taxes and all of our financials gives us time to focus on our customers. We recommend Ohab frequently because of their professionalism and support.


Tom Veazey of The Veazey Group, Inc. and LTS Company, Inc.

We’ve been working with Ohab since the beginning and we love that they have multiple people who can help us and are so responsive. Ohab’s services take a huge burden off of me as a business owner. They handle our payroll, bookkeeping and taxes and that frees me up to work lean and not hire a large staff for my company.


Mike Smith at Fast Supply of America, Inc.

When I first started my business, I was looking for a financial services team that could help me and I was referred to Ohab and Company by friends. I’ve been working with Ohab now for over 10 years and I would never go anywhere else. Their professionalism, courtesy and efficiency makes it easy to work with them and they always get the job done in a timely fashion. If I call them
with an emergency they drop everything to help. They are proactive, too – if they have questions about my financials or find a discrepancy, they call right away to resolve the problem.


Alan Tanenbaum

We lived in Orlando from 1989-2000.  You prepared my taxes when you were with Leach & Co.  We wered one of your first clients when you opened your own business.  You prepared our taxes with accuracy and in a timely fashion .  We trusted you with our information.  We left Orlando in 2000.  For 3 years we tried using CPA’s in this area.  None of them gave us the service and relationship that we had with you for the previous 11 years.  We finally had enough and I called you to see if it was possible to do tax preparation “long distance”.  You said yes, and here we are today.  And we have no intention of going elsewhere for our tax preparation services.